Sound drivers not proprely installing


sound drivers not proprely installing


Please confirm if:
1) The sound drivers are for the hardware you are installing for (Compatibility)
2) The drivers are for the Operating system you are installing for.
3) You installation of the operating system is correct, for instance if you skiped some files. This happens for xp.
4) Also confirm if the hardware you are installing the drivers for is correctly fixed and identified by your system.
5) Is the sound device enabled in the bios. (Press delete when the computer is booting and enable sound device or choose autor)
6) Is the device conflicting with another device. (Right click on my computer, click on properties, then hardware, then device manager.)

If you can solve you problem with this then it would be a hardware problem and you would need an add on sound card.

You can also try furnishing us with the error messages and the steps you have taken so far in you installation procedure.